Boston Red Sox, Boston Red Sox Players

Boston Red Sox, Boston Red Sox Players

Boston Red Sox, Boston Red Sox Players

The Boston Red Sox team have brought some of the finest baseball players the world has ever seen! With great players such as Jim Rice, David Ortiz and, of course, the legendary pitcher Babe Ruth it’s no wonder that the Boston Red Sox are regarded as one of the most loved and respected Baseball teams of all time.

The Boston Red Sox, in the modern day, bring us great players such as Chris Sale, Dustin Pedroia, and Rafael Devers. With the amount of talent on the field, it’s obvious to see why this team continues to do so well throughout the years and seasons. Rafael Devers shone in 2017 with his skills as a third baseman showing everyone why he is such a valuable asset to the team. Considering his young age and the recent jump from A-Ball to Double-A, it didn’t weigh heavy on Devers mind at all. Being so calm and collected on the field shows great merit from this 20 year old star. Many people have talked in recent months about the staleness and “lack of pop” from the Boston Red Sox team but the rookie baseman definitely was there to put on a show and deserves a ton of recognition for his team spirit.

There’s no saying how the Boston Red Sox will perform in 2018 but with talented players like David Price, Andrew Benitendi, and Rafael Devers – it will be very interesting to see how well they can perform.



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