Boston Red Sox History

Boston Red Sox History

It isn’t the place the Boston Red Sox recovered their begin in 1901. It’s not even a similar place it used to return in 1926 preceding the major fire that pulverized the piece of the left-field foul line cheap seats which were not supplanted. What a sight it has probably been to see it consuming for 4 hours at a 5-alert standard and to watch at the current development going up on fire.

Be that as it may, after a year, in 1934, the new Fenway Park opened, and the Boston Red Sox were crushed 6-5 of every 11 innings against the Washington Senators. That same year the first wooden divider in left field was evacuated and only two years after the fact in 1936, an indication of the mechanically times was motioned by the 23-foot screen that was set up quite recently over the divider in left field.

Do you know your history about where the Boston Red Sox have played when at home? How about we take it back to the start, to 1901 when there was the Huntington Avenue Grounds. The official date was May 8, 1901, and with a limit that was just shy of 12,000, Red Sox greats like Cy Young fulfilled an accomplishment numerous players could only dream about by tossing the chief ideal diversion in 1904. Verification of the point came in 1993 when a statue of Cy was put where the home plate had been.

Indeed, even with credit for facilitating the main AL-NL World Series added to its repertoire in 1903, it wasn’t sufficient to keep the Huntington Grounds from seeing their last amusement in October 1911. Thus in 1912, the Red Sox came to Fenway Park. It was that same year that Hugh Bradley his the previous grand slam.


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