Boston Red Sox Mookie Betts

Boston Red Sox Mookie Betts

It isn’t where the Boston Red Sox got their start back in 1901. It’s not even the same place it used to be back in 1926 before the first fire that destroyed part of the left-field foul line bleachers which were not replaced. What a sight it must have been to see it burning for 4 hours at a 5-alarm standard and to watch at the recent construction go up in flames.

But a year later, in 1934, the new Fenway Park opened, and the Boston Red Sox Mookie Betts was defeated 6-5 in 11 innings against the Washington Senators. That same year the original wooden wall in left field was removed and just two years later in 1936, a sign of the technologically times was signaled by the 23-foot screen that was put up just above the wall in left field.

Do you know your history about the place where the Boston Red Sox Mookie Betts has played when at home? Let’s take it back to the beginning, to 1901 when there was the Huntington Avenue Grounds. The official date was May 8, 1901, and with a capacity that was just under 12,000, Red Sox greats like Cy Young accomplished a feat many players could only dream about by throwing the first perfect game in 1904. Proof of the point came in 1993 when a statue of Cy was placed where the home plate had been. With a center field at over 650 feet, was there any wonder?

Even with credit for hosting the first AL-NL World Series under its belt in 1903, it wasn’t enough to keep the Huntington Grounds from seeing their last game in October 1911. And so, in 1912, the Red Sox came to Fenway Park. It was that same year that Hugh Bradley his the last home run.

With an original capacity for 35,000 before the two fires, by 1946, sky view seats were being added to the park. Just a year later, in keeping with changes that would later become commonplace norms, the Red Sox played their first night game and defeated who? You guessed it, the White Sox, 5-3.

Perhaps there’s an unspoken synergy between the Red Sox and Fenway Park as year after year though history and various opponents the Red Sox have continued to pitchers from Babe Ruth to Clay Buchholz on the mound to belt out unmistakable no-hitters against the likes of teams ranging from the Washington Senators to the Baltimore Orioles.

True enough, no one has matched Cy’s perfect game, but with a mile long list of rare feats that includes a well-populated list of Red Sox players who have hit for the cycle through this team’s history, there’s no place for hung heads here.

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