Boston Sox Hall of Famers

Boston Sox Hall of Famers

Boston Sox Hall of Famers

It was founded in 1995 with the main aim of recognizing the former Boston red sox careers for the baseball players. It consists of 15 selected member committee of executives and broadcasters, media personnel and the sports museum representatives from the New England. The bosops club is responsible for the candidate nominating duties as follows:

The criteria followed for the hall selection is as follows:

For a player to be nominated, they must have played for a minimum period of 3 years for the Boston red sox

The non-uniformed honorees like office executives and broadcasters are selected using the voting method

Former players and personnel for the Boston club are automatically enshrined in the national baseball hall of fame in New York.

List of the Boston sox members

� Jimmy Collins

� Ted Williams

� Wade Boggs

� Eddie Collins

� Joe Cronin

� Bobby doer

� Jimmie Fox

� Curt Gowdy

� Lefty Grove among others

According to Boston sox, the museum gets approximately 300000 visitors each year. Additionally, the hall of fame has also won many awards and received great achievements.

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