History of Boston Red Sox

History of Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox came into existence in 1901. The Red Sox were initially The Boston Americans & in 1903 they won the title of World Series first time.

Before the development of Fenway Park until 1912, the team Red Sox played at Huntington Avenue’s field. In 1914 a legend joined the team the name was George Herman Ruth or people knows him by Babe Ruth who led the team to victories in 3 World Series. But unfortunately, the player was sold to New York Yankees in 1920 by the owner Henry Freeze.

After this deal, the team suffered from the Curse of the Bombino for several years and lost their consecutive matches. Following 86 years of the ‘Revile’, it’s no big surprise the city of Boston detonated on Oct 27, 2004. The earlier year, the Sox had qualified for the American League Championship Series – one step before the World Series – just to lose in a warmed Game seven to the Yankees. The year 2004 appeared to be a reflection of the past season. In the wake of making it to the playoffs as a Wild Card entry and clearing the Los Angeles Angels in the first round of the game, the Sox at that point confronted the Yankees in the ALCS once more.

They were rapidly down three games, facing defeat one 19-8. Be that as it may, rather than rehashing the prior year, they returned to win 4 straight, and after that once again 4 faces off the St. Louis Cardinals in the tournament World Series. From that point forward, the group has brought home 3 wins of World Series, and every one is commended with an enormous duck watercraft parade throughout the Downtown Boston.

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