Sad and shocking news of the passing of Red Sox prospect, Daniel Flores

Sad and shocking news of the passing of Red Sox prospect, Daniel Flores

Red Sox Prospect Daniel Flores Dies at 17

In a sad turn of events, the Boston Red Sox’s announced this morning that promising catching prospect Daniel Flores has died this Wednesday, November 8. Flores had been receiving treatment for cancer when sudden and unexpected complications caused his death.

The Venezuelan 17-year-old catcher was considered the second-best prospect of the season when he was signed for $3.1 million by the Boston organization in July. Despite his young age, he was a very mature man, who had set a solid foundation for what many considered would be a stellar major league career.

Red Sox’s president of baseball operations, Dave Dombrowski, made the announcement this morning, while many of his teammates and coaches expressed their shock for the unexpected news. Anthony Rizzo, from the Chicago Cubs, took it to Twitter, qualifying the news of Flores’ passing as �devastating’while vowing to keep promoting the battle against cancer.

Flores was tall and athletic and had built a reputation among scouts for his defensive abilities behind the home plate, and his quick and strong ball release. At bat he impressed for his ability to swing form both side of the plate, exhibiting ability and power.

While he never made it to the major league team, his talent on the field, and his discipline and commitment to his career impressed all those who knew him.

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