The Boston Red Sox History

The Boston Red Sox History

Known as the Boston Americans when first founded in 1901, the Boston Red Sox started out running; winning the first Modern World Series in 1903 against the Pittsburgh Pirates, also 5 out of 15 of the first World Series. In late 1918 Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth, and a number of other players, to the Bew York Yankees, making that last year for 27 years that they would win a pennant and the last for 86 consecutive years that the Red Sox would win a world series.

These 86 years have been come to be known at the “Curse of the Great Bambino,” many fans believe the curse ended in 2004 with a World Series win. Even with the “curse” the 86 years in between World Series wins was not lacking; in 1941 Ted Williams hit a .406, being the last player to hit over .400 for the rest of the season. In 1946, 75, and 86 the Boston Red Sox made it to the World Series, but lost.

In 1961, Carl Yastrzemst was signed onto the team, and in 2003 they were five outs away from the World Series with Pedro leading the loosing cavalry by giving three runs. In 2004 they won game four with a home run in the 12th inning by David Ortiz, sixteen hours later they won game five too; a six hour game lasting 14 innings.

They went on to win both the 6th game, and in the 7th game pitcher Curt Schillings pitched the enitre game with loose ankle tendons, the Bloody Sock Game, defeating the Yankees in the World Series and making both Boston Red Sox History and MLB history. After brutally defeating the Yankees, the Red Sox continued onto the Cardinal World Series and easily beat them four games to zero. The “Curse” had finally ended, and after 86 years, Boston Red Sox fans could finally watch a game in a bar without fear of embarrassment or ridicule.



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