The Red Sox Owner Who Sold Babe Ruth To The Yankees

The Red Sox Owner Who Sold Babe Ruth To The Yankees

Harry Frazee was a New York dramatic maker who, after an unsuccessful endeavor to buy the New York Giants, purchased the Boston Red Sox in 1916 from Joseph John Lannin, a land tycoon who had influenced his fortune in the wares to advertise. The arrangement was a confounded one and added up to $1,000,000 to be paid to different invested individuals. Frazee needed to get cash to perfect the arrangement, and this prompted some of his budgetary challenges as the Red Sox proprietor.

Frazee’s residency as Red Sox proprietor was convoluted by his association with Ban Johnson, President of the American League. Johnson had infuriated Frazee by shortening the 1918 season as a result of World War I and the decreased door receipts were and extra difficulty to the desperate Frazee. Johnson, as far as it matters for him, blamed Frazee for allowing known speculators to set up shop close Fenway Park.

By 1919 the beset Red Sox proprietor was scarcely keeping his head above water. Turnout had fallen at the baseball stop amid the war and participation at Frazee’s auditorium wanders had endured also. Auctioning off some of his interests in these Broadway creations paid off just a little piece of his advance, and Frazee started to swing to his skilled baseball players as a wellspring of pay



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