Why I Play Baseball

Why I Play Baseball

Why I Play Baseball

In my opinion, baseball is a game that is far more entertaining to play than to watch. I have had many great afternoons with friends out on a baseball diamond in the suburbs of Boston. Trying to hit the ball, trying to catch the ball and then when I do make contact, trying to get to first base. I am completely unsuccessful at it, much to the dismay of some of the Boston Red Sox Players.

I do love to watch the games of the Red Sox, and really, I know the names of all the players. It is good for me to see how the game is supposed to be played so that I can try to mimic that when my friends call me out for another game on a sunny afternoon. I watch them at Fenway Park stadium, in fact, my family has season tickets, and I watch their away games on TV. It’s just not as good as playing.

I know eluded to disappointing the Boston Red Sox Players, and I feel I should explain myself. When I play ball with my friends, we often use the diamond at a park near the homes of some of the Red Sox themselves. A couple of times they have been in the park with their families or friends, and have come over to watch and to cheer us on. Probably because we are only 12 years old and they seem to be nice guys.

A few times one of them has come over and given me some pointers in holding the bat or standing right at the plate. They give me a pat on the back and say things like, “Those legs will take you home, Kid”, or “You can hit it out of the park with those arms!”. I am the tallest of my friends and the fastest. I am just not the most coordinated person in the world. So I don’t look at their faces when I swing, hit air and twirl lopsided away from the plate.

The love I have for playing baseball isn’t about how I play it, really. Other people, like the Red Sox players who have given me pointers, seem put a lot of stock in the game. And that’s ok. I just like that my friends never give up on me and keep calling me out to play ball.



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